Tips & tricks to look your best in photographs

Tones & Colours

Colours are a key element in photos. They will help for your family to look great together as a whole. I recommend sticking with neutral colours such as cream, browns, mustards, tans, whites, olives and pastels. This will work in any environment and it is easy to combine. Softer colours work beautiful in photographs and keep the focus on your family.


Mum and dad cuddling into newborn baby

Textures & fabrics

Textures and layers add an extra element to your photos. Think linen, lace and heavy knits! If its a crochet blanket for your newborn portrait or a cardigan over your top or dress. Chunky knits look amazing in photographs. Natural fabrics give your photos a soft and organic feel.


Outdoor sunset family photographer melbourne


Compliment and coordinate, but don't get too matchy. We want everyone to look unique and portray their individual style. Pick your colour palette and add different shades to compliment. I want you to choose clothing that reflects you as a person and makes you feel beautiful and confident.


What to stay away from

Last but not least a few things I don't recommend. Please stay away from dark colours, such as dark navy blue, black or dark grey. Those colours don't show up with any definition in photos and often look very harsh. Avoid logos, prints and characters on clothing. It might look cute in real life, but it's very distracting in photographs.


Still not sure what to wear?

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