Natural Newborn, Baby and Family Photography

    It is always the goal of White Salt to capture a family’s truly natural forms. Janine Harris aims to photograph your newborn baby or child in a way that promotes a true natural attractiveness. White Salt can be described as a family lifestyle photographer — a photographer always striving to contain a natural feel in child and family photography. This natural feel will mean your family pictures always stands out from the rest.

    The pursuit of natural photography retains true emotions, emphasising human connections and reproducing them out in the final photographs. Janine seeks out special moments and emotions and captures raw and honest moments. This is achieved through specially developed games and an understanding of the beauty of family units.

    Memories Captured in Time

    White Salt is never about standing, posing and smiling. Posing in photos attracts an unnatural feeling that is never reminiscent of a true family. It’s the moment with playful smiles, energetic laughs and curious adventuring that we want to bring out in our photos, because these are the moments that you’ll be able to better cherish. Your adorable little ones grow up so fast, so we want to be the ones that capture the tender, special moments before it’s too late.

    Get in Touch with White Salt

    Being a local of Melbourne, White Salt serves areas in and around South Yarra. Nearby locations White Salt also adores shooting in nearby suburbs, including Hawthorn, Richmond and Malvern. You have the option of a photo shoot taking place in your own home, at a beautiful outdoor location, or any combination of the two, making potential variety in your photos exceptional. Make sure to look at the White Salt gallery for examples of previous photo shoots and some great location ideas.

    If you’d like to hear about more of the services White Salt provides, or if you would like to hear about exciting photoshoot location suggestions, we would love to hear from you. Simply use the contact form to contact White Salt, and we will swiftly answer any queries you potentially have. White Salt advises that bookings be made around 4-6 weeks in advance, so get in touch to avoid being disappointed!