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Everything you need to know to make your outdoor session session a success.

My newborn style is gentle and candid, fully baby-led capturing the early days with your baby in the comfort of your own home. Make sure you are relaxed and enjoy the special time with your baby while I document your connection and affection.

My sessions are all about capturing the love and connection between you guys.

My style is natural and candid capturing your family spending quality time together at a beautiful outdoor location. I ask you to relax and enjoy. My favourite sessions have been the ones where the families were having the most fun. Please forget about the camera and just spend some quality time with your children. Besides giving you advice on some posing and angles to make everything perfect, you won’t even notice that I am there.


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Full tummy & rest

Please ensure you and your children had a good meal before the session. Hangry little people won’t enjoy the outing. Since sunset can be a little past your children’s bedtime in summer, I recommend for your littles to have slow day. No birthday parties, long swims or jumping castles on the day of your session. Most locations require a bit of a drive, this is the perfect time for your kids to have a nap (if they are car sleepers) before the session.

Preparing dad

I know most Dad’s aren’t too keen on being photographed. The good thing is, my sessions are very natural and unposed. So make sure to let your partner know, there is no looking at the camera required. This request sometimes surprises parents, especially dads, who often are more used to old school portrait. Most of the time, what I would like you to do is look at each other. It’s very much about you being engaged with each other, and have a playful time with your children.

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What to bring

Besides yourself, there is nothing you really need to bring along to your session. The two things you are welcome to bring a long is a neutral blanket to sit on, as well as some food or treats for after the session. It is always good to have a blanket with you in case you would like photos of your family sitting. While I love for you to lie in the long grass and sit on the ground, I know this isn’t everyones cup of tea, so if you and your children prefer, bring a blanket. If you like to bring snacks or treats along for your children as a reward, please make sure you only get those out at the very end of the session, as kids often stop cooperating once food comes into play. However, having something to look forward to after the session, has made many children do their absolute best to keep mum happy.