WHEN is the best time for newborn photos

    Newborn sessions are best taken within the first two week of your babies life. The ideal age is between 7-10 days. That's when your baby is still very sleepy and squishy and can be easily moved without being woken up. However, you can book a newborn session up to 6 weeks of age.

    Newborn sessions are scheduled Wednesday's and Friday's and start at 10:30am and last approx. 2 hours. 

    Weekend sessions are available on special request. Please let me know in advance if that is your preference.

    WHERE should we have our photos taken

    In the comfort of your own home is ideal and will give you a wonderful memory of that exact time in your life! Before I start I will have a look around your house to find most suitable areas and light. I always shoot in the main bedroom, so make sure you choose a neutral bedspread for the day. Knitted and crochet blankets and wraps look beautiful and add a personal touch to your photos.

    If you don't feel your house is suitable for photos or you'd just like to have another option, outdoor sunset sessions can be an alternative to in home sessions. I only recommend this for warmer months of the year. I have some beautiful spots all around Melbourne I can recommend to you.

    HOW to prepare for your session

    Most important is to be relaxed for your session. Baby's tend to pick up and stress, so make sure you have a coffee (even during the session) and enjoy the time with your baby. Please don't worry too much for your home to be perfectly clean, I can work around area's and if need be I will move things that could be a distraction in the frame. Please make sure you house is nice and warm for your session. The warmer the more sleepy bub's will me. Try your best to feed bubba before the session starts but if it doesn't work out that way then that's totally Ok! I always leave extra time for newborn sessions for this reason. 

    Make sure you look over my 'What to wear' page. It can be helpful if you need some ideas.

    How do we book a newborn session?
    Does it need to be in the first 2 weeks?
    What should my baby wear for the session?
    Can siblings and pets be included?
    When will we see our photos?
    I simply ask for you to pay a deposit of $500 towards your session. I suggest booking in while you are still pregnant to secure a spot with me, as I only take very limited numbers of bookings each month. Once your deposit is paid and contract is signed, I will pencil in your due date in my diary. When baby has arrived, please contact me as soon as possible to set your actual session date. Sessions are recommended within the first 2 weeks of your baby's life.