I have always seen something different in Janine's work and the way she views the world. I had this little voice inside me telling me to take the leap and learn from her. I took on a one month online mentoring course to which was life changing. Janine was with me the whole way. I didn't hesitate to meet her in person when I signed up to join her Wollongong Retreat workshop and I have to say, my heart and soul have had a fresh, inspiring and rejuvenated makeover. Thank you so much Janine! You are an artist like no other, with passion and a talent to create from the depths of your soul. Your determination and inspiring desire to never stop learning is profound, not to mention all the lightbulb moments in the intimate, calming workshop that I will always look back on with fond memories. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    - Nicole Akhurst


    I attended a workshop with Janine at the beginning of the year.
    I walked away full of motivation and ideas I never had before. The mentoring hasn't stopped at the workshop, Janine is always welcoming of questions and offering suggestions for us all.
    Janine was an open book, humble and full of information. I will never forget this experience and couldn't thank Janine enough for helping push me in what I know will be the right direction.
    Next on my list... book a photoshoot with this wonderful woman.

    - Keira Miceli


    I took part in the White Salt Photography workshop earlier this year. It has been a game changer! Janines patience and simple approach made learning a really fun experience. Not only did I have a wonderful time and learnt a ton, I made so many new friends with other women in the photography industry and we all have continued to support each other and grow using many of the skills that Janine has so generously shared. I loved my experience so much I'm tempted to do it all again next year! Thank you so much Janine for helping me to blossom as a lifestyle photographer. ❤️

    - Donna Maree Hedgcock


    Who is your mentoring for?

    What do you cover during your mentoring?

    Can I do mentoring with a friend?

    Do you teach editing?

    Where does it take place and do you travel?


    This is for photographers who want to take their business to the next level. I am teaching techniques that will show you how to break the walls between you and your client, even as an introvert like me. How I set the mood by using natural light to creating deep, meaningful and raw images. My goal is to help you build a brand that is unique to you and reflects your personality and vision. This is not a beginner course on how to use a camera, but more so an inspiration and a creative problem solving session to make you stand out from the crowd.