Business Name: White Salt Photography

ABN: 15945295316

Plan completed by: Janine Harris

Date reviewed: 13/02/2022

This plan applies to both outdoor photography as well as in-home photography and is subject to relevant gathering limits

The photographer providing the service must be a registered business with an ABN and be undertaking a paid service

Both the photographer AND all clients aged 16+ must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless a valid medical exemption applies

All participants aged 16+ are required to check in via the photographers QR code and provide evidence of their vaccination status

1. Ensure physical distancing

Both the client and the photographer must remain a minimum of 1.5 m from each other at all times

To minimise the build-up of people, photography locations will be selected based on them being a safe distance away from other members of the public

All transactional activity will be undertaken online where practical (invoicing / contract signing etc)

2. Wear a face covering

A face mask will be worn by the photographer at all times throughout in-home photography sessions

Unless a lawful exception applies, all people over the age of 12 will wear a face covering and only remove that face covering for the duration of the photograph. This is in accordance with the Stay at Home Directives (Restricted Areas) Subclause 7 (s) that state a face covering can be removed “to the extent that it is not reasonably practicable to receive that service wearing a face covering.”)

Cloth masks will be washed each day after use and disposable masks will be discarded. However, if during the day the mask is visibly dirty or wet, the mask will be replaced immediately.

3. Practise good hygiene

Vigilant hand and cough hygiene will be maintained at all times by both the client and the photographer

Camera equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between sessions

4. Keep records and act quickly if anybody becomes unwell

Contact details for all persons being photographed will be collected prior to the session – including proof of vaccination

The importance of not attending / rescheduling if unwell will be reinforced and is applicable to both the client and the photographer

Any exposure to a person with coronavirus (COVID-19) will result in the closure of this business until it is declared safe to re-open by the relevant authorities

In the event that the client comes into contact with a person with coronavirus (COVID-19), they shall notify the photographer immediately and will not schedule a photography session until they have received a negative test result

5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

Airflow will be enhanced by opening windows and doors where possible during an in-home session

Where practical, photos will be taken in open spaces such as the front/backyard

6. Workforce bubbles

The photographer is a sole trader and does not interact with a workforce