I am a natural light newborn, family and maternity photographer based in Melbourne.
 Throughout my childhood I was the quiet child, contentedly sitting in the corner watching others. A lifetime of observing and listening to my surroundings has given me the ability to identify the meaning BEHIND the moments, and I capture that in the form of a photograph.


    I adore my family, the ‘golden hour’ afternoon light, and the way this work brings me in to contact with little moments of very human connectedness you share with your family.

    I find beauty

     in movement and texture and colour and light. For me, photographing families doesn’t mean telling them to sit still and smile. As your photographer, sometimes I’m not privy to the meaning behind your glances and moments, but I’m totally attuned that there IS meaning there. And so, I take a photo.

    in my family. My girls, Luca and Juno, are a living embodiment of that old saying ’dance like no one is watching’, because dance (and sing and laugh and jump) they do! Along with my husband Sam, they’re my favourite golden light.

    in being able to do this for clients like you…every day. Seriously, it is my privilege to be part of your connectedness, even just for the time we’re together. That leaves my soul full!






    My Style

    I’m a natural light family and newborn photographer. This means I’m all about photographing you in the places that you love, just the way you are. No studios, no fancy lighting or props and no posing here, just plenty of love, captured candidly and truthfully.

    My Goal

    There is significance in every moment and every minute. I want your photos to show you the sacred second that the photograph was taken, as well as the essence of your family at that time in your life.

    The Experience

    You should come away from a session feeling like you’ve spent some authentic, everyday time with the people you love, and that you just happened to be photographed by at the same time! I work hard to ensure your session never feels like ‘hard work’.