Emily G.

Okay wow well I can honestly say I never envisioned this photo shoot with my little family to leave me with such absolutely treasured memories as it did. Janine is AMAZING. Any doubts I had in my mind previously about photo shoots of our family being 'too hard' and for 'other people who could afford it' just melted away from the start with Janine's quiet, easygoing nature and lo and behold... we all had fun. And not just fun for the pictures... actual real fun. I glow inside thinking of Sullivan looking at our prints in the future and just KNOWING that he was loved and cherished, and I guarantee I will be looking back on them regularly as he grows older and blubbering away at the nuances of his gorgeous little personality and mannerisms that shine through these images. There is so much life to them - so much more than just portraits. Janine's calm just seemed to flow on to all of us and she immediately had my shy little man giggling away and showing her all around the house. Thank you Janine x

Christie N.

You really are an amazing photographer.

I have loved each session you have done for my family and look forward to many more!

Thank you for capturing these lasting memories!

Amber W.

From a fellow photographer, I love what you are capable of.

You peacefully captured us.

Just us... I struggle to do what you do. 

You are free... silently wild is how you see the world. 

Keep capturing...

Iris O.

I am lost for words to describe how I feel after viewing your stunning photographs of my family. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am in love with each and every one of the images. I have laughed, smiled and cried tears of joy at viewing them. I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful work. You have truly captured each of our personalities and the love we have for one another in such a beautiful way. Your photographs will be treasured in my family for generations and it makes my heart skip a beat that your have captured a moment in our lives that our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy in the years to come. I wish I could give you a hug right now as you have really made my day, my week! It really was such a blessing to be a part of your day and so lovely to meet you.